~Are you available right now? Can I  see you in an hour?

No. I cannot be available on such short notice. 

My availability fluctuates from day to day, it is best to inquire what my schedule is like via Email or Text.

Please allow 2-3 hrs for a response to your inquiry.

*The absolute only exception to this is if I have spoken to you personally and told you it's OK to inquire about short notice bookings. This likely means you're a weekly regular and I consider you a preferred guest.


~Do you provide house calls? (Different than out-calls)

I do not do provide ANY House calls to first-time clients. The only exception is if you have a physical disability (my incall is not accessible).

Outcalls are available to reputable downtown hotels/condos and require full disclosure of the room/unit details.

~Do you have an incall space in Downtown? Where is your incall space?

I have an Incall space just West of Downtown Toronto which is my personal space, so please, conduct yourself accordingly & respect my personal space like you would want anyone to respect yours.

~May I take photos during our meeting?

No. Photos/Videos are prohibited!

If you are found with a recording device active during our date, our time will come to an abrupt end and you will be required to delete any material gathered on site before you leave.

~I have tried calling/texting/emailing and you haven't answered, why not?

Chances are I am with someone, or busy with my personal life.

**Do not call my phone unless expressly told to do so. I despise unexpected phone calls due to my anxiety.

I always try to reply within 2-3 hours depending on my availability. Just sit tight and I will reply as soon as I'm able.

You would not want me to answer calls while I am meeting with you, and I extend that courtesy to all of my guests.

~I need to cancel our meeting, what are your policies on this?

-More than 24 hrs notice: No fee
-Less than 2 hrs notice or no-shows: 
-If you did not pay a previous cancellation fee: You will not be booked again. Ever.

I accept Amazon online gift cards or direct E Transfers for fees and deposits.


~Deposits & Why They're Now Required.

Due to incidents of last-minute cancellations with a refusal to pay cancellation fees & No Call No Shows incidents, my hand has been forced to now require deposits for sessions of 3 or more hours.

Paying a deposit shows me you are serious about seeing me & puts my mind at ease which in turn helps me be my best for you.

**if you pay a deposit & have to cancel or reschedule; if you give me 8 hrs notice or more, your deposit will be rolled over to your rescheduled session.

(*rescheduled session must be within 60 days of cancellation) 

~Why do I need to pay a cancellation fee or deposit?

Just like any consultant, my time is money. If you cannot commit to our rendezvous, you have taken the time that could have otherwise been used with another client or used for my personal life. Also, it's just polite to acknowledge that this has created an inconvenience for me (especially on last-minute terms).

~Do you have friends that could spend time with us as well?

I do! I have some lovely friends who also enjoy the company of men & women, and may have overlapping free time to spend with us. Please contact me directly for information. I'm hoping to expand my duo friends in the coming months.

~What do you offer in terms of a "Menu"?
I suggest that if you are looking for an explicit menu that you visit someone else.

Requesting this information is also illegal in Canada.


~Can we meet first for a coffee before I book?

Absolutely. I would love to take some time to get to know you before our date. 30-min coffee meetings are available to discuss your preferences, which is non-refundable.


~I am interested in something specific...

Please tell me more, I like an adventure. However don't be vulgar, and please be concise - I don't want to read 5-10 pages of your erotic daydreams.


~I would really like to see you, however, I have X disability...

Let's talk about it. I am a compassionate woman and I am sure that together, we can figure something out that will work for us.


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